Mission(ary) Statement

At Beyond Missionary we pride ourselves in offering sex positive and inclusion
sex education and coaching to the generations taught by nuns.

Our goal is a happier, sex-positive, and accepting Ireland. We have several programs and workshops catered specifically to breaking down the mis-education that has been delivered by the state.

Our belief is not opposed to that of religion and we accept any and all who are open to learning the truth of the matter, and seeking to love their neighbour, and themselves, much more enjoyably.

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Comprehensive Sex

Available to secondary schools, colleges, and businesses, we are available to coordinate a series of group sessions, workshops, and lectures providing a comprehensive overview of the medical, social, and personal elements of sex and the bodies of those who engage in it.
We have several different programs for this catered to different age groups and environments, and more information is available upon request.

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Sexuality and
Relationship Coaching

Available at our offices or remotely online, we offer sexuality and relationship coaching to both invidividuals and partners. Our trained coaches can assist you in learning more about specific topics and are there to guide you through difficult areas, and point you in the right direction.
Let us be your sexual sherpa.

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Beyond Missionary
Workshops and Webinars

We host several workshops and seminars throughout the year ourselves and are available as guest speakers for events wishing to incorporate sex positive education. These workshops and seminars are open to all, and are currently held online due to Covid restrictions. For more information on upcoming events please follow us on Twitter.

The tenets of sex positive education

There has long been a divide between the social expectations of society and
the private practices of those who preach them. Sex is nothing to be ashamed of
and the taboo nature of discussing it in fact hinders and hurts our communities.
Below are several key elements of sex positive education:

  • Inclusion

    Sex is not something that only able-bodied, or traditionally attractive, people get to experience. One's sexual rights are not up for discussion and everyone is deserving of, not only love, then enjoyable sex.

  • Transformative

    Re-mapping the power and gender dynamics that we have been brought up is intrinsic to our work - as we seek to raise critical conciousness within our society when it comes to traiditonal sexual power dynamics.

  • Acceptance

    Learning to accept one's self and others for who they are is key to healthy and fulfilling relationships. The body is but one part of a person's identity.

  • Health

    Knowing your body and getting in tune with it is incredibly important to both your medical and sexual health. We take a holistic approach to sexual health and core to that is teaching individuals about their own body's wants and needs.

  • Openness

    Complete openness in a non-judgemental format, should be the goal of everyone - both facing outwards and inwards. We help you find the language you need to express your desires, needs, and wants, and the confidence to do so. Everyone having a voice is the only way to ensure a partnership is equal.

  • Safety

    Entwined with Health is the concept of Safety, as oftentimes people's past-traumas, current desires, or peer pressures, prevent them from thinking about their own safety - which must be paramount in a postiive and healthy relationship.

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